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Have you ever seen the other side of yourself?

“Human Traffic” is an AU roleplay that takes the idols of Johnn’'s Entertainment and places them in a movie/dorama-type setting. They will take on any role—student, model, artist—and what they say and do will be up to the muns. Romantic interests, enemies, friends…it’s all up to you.
[oo1] Keep the atmosphere friendly. That means no mun drama, people. Save it for the roleplay itself :D

[oo2] Control your own muse. Strictly no god-modding.

[oo3] TRY and keep the muses more or less true to their RL characters.

[oo4] EACH MUN IS ONLY ALLOWED 3 MUSES. It'll get confusing if it's any more than that and we understand there everyone has other obligations :D

[oo5] State the time and day in the SUBJECT HEADINGS at the beginning of each thread in this format : DAY {YYYY.MM.DD} ; TIME ; PLACE (if applicable) so it'll be easier to organize. THREAD ARCHIVE.

[oo6] Crack is fun. But like real crack, too much can kill your brain. So prz to use your best judgement on crack threads.

[oo7] Please label any mature threads. Also, please label finished threads.

[oo8] Please keep OOC comments at a minimum in active threads. Use AIM :D

[oo9] HAVE FUN!. This roleplay was designed for fun.

[o1o] Please add footnotes with writing long sentences/phrases in Japanese. Some of the muns might not be as adept at Japanese as others.

[o11] Please do not randomly post in a thread that is already developing a solid plot UNLESS you've talked to the muns involved.

[o12] ALL THREADS AND POSTS MUST BE WRITTEN IN THIRD PERSON. Not to be anal, just to make things less confusing :D

[o13] If anyone has a problem regarding the way the community is being run, or if a mun is being particularly mean or whatever, PLEASE DO NOT HESITATE TO TELL THE MODS. We can't fix a problem if we don't know about it.

[o14] Please be sure you guys know what you're getting into when applying to this roleplay community. We cover everything from angst to crack to fluff. Don't complain to the mods about threads being 'too angsty' or 'too random'. Life can be angsty. Life can be random. Those complaints will NOT be entertained.

[o15] Muns are required to post as a muse at least once a week. This is so we know who is still somewhat active in the roleplay and who isn't. If a mun is unable to post for a long period of time, please send the mods an email so we know what's up. Thank you.

[o16] Muses will only be added AFTER application approval. So you just gotta wait a little. Applications are accepted almost all the time so don't worry about getting accepted or not ^__^ Be sure to JOIN the community upon application.

[o17] Last, but not least, please respect each other. This community is for making friends!

Please fill this application out and send it to human.torafikku@gmail.com.

MUN NAME; The pseudonym you wish for other muns to call you.
MUSE NAME + GROUP; Who are you claiming? What band are they from?
OCCUPATION; Not yours, the muse's! Will Ryo find himself working as a construction worker? Jin is a teacher??? Is Mike even old enough to have a job?
MUSE LJ; So everyone can keep up with the muses' thoughts.
LIVING ARRANGEMENT; Depending on the muse, will they be living with/without parents? In an aparment? A mansion? On the streets (hopefully not, omg)?
WRITING SAMPLE; Send in something you've written.
MUN CONTACT INFO; AIM; Yahoo!; MSN... give us a way to contact you other than email!
★ Matsumoto Jun - amai_oujisama || AIM: amaikoryori
★ Aiba Masaki - super_aidoru || AIM: amaikoryori
★ Sakurai Sho - sakuraisho_yo || AIM: konekoamy
★ Ninomiya Kazunari - kazunari83 || AIM: NiseChan
★ Ohno Satoshi - captainossan || AIM: shigatsuitachi

Kanjani8 『閑ジャニ∞』
★ Shibutani Subaru - shibutanisubaru || AIM: Himekohimura
★ Ohkura Tadayoshi - ohkuratadayoshi || AIM: tadrummerboy || HIATUS
★ Yasuda Shota - chipa_kun || AIM: bownchika
★ Maruyama Ryuhei - ryuheimaruyama || AIM: MaruComplex
★ Uchi Hiroki - princessuchi || AIM: MaruComplex
★ Yokoyama Yu - kimitan || AIM: RevolutionAsh
★ Nishikido Ryo - nikkiryo || AIM: RevolutionAsh

★ Kamenashi Kazuya - chibi_kame || AIM: KuroNoDiablo
★ Ueda Tatsuya - tatsueda || AIM: pojitiibu kibun
★ Akanishi Jin - bakanishijin || AIM: coolestikittyxx

★ Tegoshi Yuya - tegoshiyuya || AIM: Himekohimura
★ Koyama Keiichirou - koyakei || AIM: jaccavrie
★ Kusano Hironori - mixmasterkusano || AIM: apple and tin
★ Yamashita Tomohisa - pi_ka_chu || AIM: Prettycrack
★ Nishikido Ryo - nikkiryo || AIM: RevolutionAsh
★ Kato Shigeaki - shigeaki_kato || AIM: matsupi crunch

Kinki Kids
★ Domoto Kouichi - domotokouichi || AIM: tadrummerboy || HIATUS
★ Domoto Tsuyoshi - tsuyoshi_domoto || AIM: matsupi crunch

★ Morita Go - moritago || AIM: jestefan86
★ Miyake Ken - kirakiraken || AIM: haicrescendo

★ Golf - golf_pichaya || AIM: SchwarzKitsune
★ Mike - mikemikeybee || AIM: mikemikeybee

★ Inagaki Goro - yuutsu_inagoro || AIM: yuutsu sc

★ Nikaido Takashi - takaidoshi || AIM: apple and tin
★ Yoko Wataru - wataru_yo || AIM: mikemikeybee
★ Senga Kento - kentosenga || AIM: mikemikeybee
★ Tamamori Yuta - tamamori_yuta || AIM: RevolutionAsh

Tackey & Tsubasa
★ Hideaki Takizawa - takkihideaki || AIM: Himekohimura
★ Imai Tsubasa - imaitsubasa || AIM: tadrummerboy || HIATUS

★ Yaotome Hikaru - hikaru_desu || AIM: amaikoryori
★ Yamashita Shoon - yamashitashoon || AIM: jestefan86

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